For every human on earth, there are more than 1 million fish in the sea. Although the fish vary tremendously among the different species, one thing that they have in common is that they all need oxygen to survive.

Our mission: Unlock humanity’s potential underwater.

By using a revolutionary and patented air separation technique, our products are able to extract air from water.

We provide a wide range of underwater breathing solutions, including for: individual divers, underwater habitats, underwater agriculture and small to large submarines.

The oceans contain an immense amount of oxygen. Enough to support about 10 quadrillion fish (that’s 10 million-billion) and other marine life. The oxygen in the water is dissolved (called Dissolved Oxygen, or DO for short) and in liquid phase. Fish use gills with membranes to extract this oxygen. Studies were made to use membranes to extract this oxygen for human consumption. So far these studies failed, both because of the very large size needed for the membranes, and also because, as humans, our bodies require oxygen in gas phase.

Our solution: utilizing a known law in Chemistry called ‘Henry’s Law’, we cause the dissolved oxygen to bubble out from the watery solution by lowering pressure on a body of water. This process consumes low energy and can enable humans to breathe air almost directly from the water. Patents were written and accepted in America and in Europe. Prototypes were developed and successfully tested, and our first commercial order was received and is currently under development. Our first product will supply air for the crews of the DeepSeaker Submersible.