Our Products

Our products are suitable as air-supply systems for:

  • Submersibles
  • Large naval submarines
  • Open and closed Seal Delivery Vehicles (SDV’s),
  • SCUBA divers
  • Underwater scooters
  • Underwater habitats
  • Underwater dome agriculture
  • Replacement of nitrox-generators for boats of extended dive cruises
  • Possible small-scale solution for combustion engines.


Our first product, for which we received an order, are units for a 4-person submersible called the DeepSeaker by iSpace2o. The system will consist of two cylinder type units, which will be installed under the wings of the vessel (see pictures). Each of the two deliver about 7.5 Liters-per-minute of nitrox-grade air. This is more than enough required to supply air for two people at rest in a semi-closed system configuration. Water flow through the units will assist in vessel propulsion.

Large Naval Submarines:

Modern naval submarines cost $1B or more. Fully submerged dive time, for non-nuclear, non-AIP submarines, is limited to only several days. There is huge benefit for increased dive time, both for normal operation and for emergency

Pic of 209 class submarine by Thyssenkrupp

Unfortunate accident: On April 2021, an Indonesian naval submarine was lost at sea. After 5 days all crew were declared dead due to lack of oxygen. With an LAF system they might have survived

Units for SCUBA Divers:

After the device is proven successful on submersibles, we will direct our effort for development of units for individual divers. The units are expected to be comparable in weight and bulkiness to current SCUBA compressed air cylinders. They will offer the following advantages:

Longer Bottom Time
Air supply is not restricted to amount of air that can be contained in one tank, only on number of batteries taken.

No Need for Refills
No need to refill air tanks with diving gas (save money and dependence on dive centers). Batteries can be charged over-night.

Higher Safety & Less Stop Stations
The composition of the air that is extracted from water is enriched with 34% Oxygen (similar to Nitrox), which minimizes the amount of Nitrogen that is inhaled during a dive and thus adds to the safety of a dive.

Constant Buoyancy
With conventional SCUBA gear, a diver’s buoyancy changes throughout the dive, as he uses (and thus loses) approximately 4 Kg worth of air. This is not the case with the Company’s gear.

Underwater Scooters:​

An enticing and quite obvious option for using our unit with individual divers is combining it with an underwater scooter. The propulsion of the scooter can be used to supply air to the diver, and vice-versa. This configuration also takes the load off the diver’s back.